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Answering Your Most Common Questions About Weedibles

Edibles have become fully mainstream. Now it is common to see comfortable and well-lit cannabis retail shops offering premium cannabis edibles than ever. The numbers reflect this, too. In fact, the sales of edibles have skyrocketed the past year and even right now in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, outperforming the total cannabis market […]


Top Reasons to Try Concentrates

Want to try another way of upping the potency of your premium cannabis consumption? Concentrates may be just the answer you’re looking for! Having the reputation for being hardcore, there is more to concentrates than packing a powerful punch, they are also the go-to for a more efficient and economical way of consuming cannabis without […]

Magic Mushrooms

A Simple Guide to Growing Your Magic Mushrooms Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 and consequently Phase 2 of our mushroom growing endeavor! We are just excited as you are here at Blue Buddha Canada to begin the next phase. At this point, 15 days or so later, you would hopefully now have completely colonized your birthing cake. Before beginning, you would need to prepare […]

Magic Mushrooms

A Simple Guide to Growing Your Magic Mushrooms Part 1

If you have been keeping up with our entries here at Blue Buddha Canada, your trusted provider of premium cannabis and magic mushrooms in the area in the past months, you would have already probably read our entry on the most common mistakes that a budding mushroom grower should avoid. With that as our launching […]


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