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Fake Magic Mushrooms

How to Spot Fake Magic Mushrooms from Real Ones

One of the downsides of the rise of the rate in interest of magic mushrooms in Vancouver, British Columbia, and elsewhere in the world, is the proliferation of fake magic mushrooms in the market. Aside from the obvious health dangers this brings, this can also derail the advancements it has slowly been making in public […]

Magic Mushrooms

A Guide on Microdosing Magic Mushrooms

For anyone wanting to only experience the subtle effects of their choice magic mushroom strains in British Columbia, or elsewhere, for that matter, without the crash or the potential of a bad trip, microdosing can be perfect for you. In this entry, we will discuss microdosing, how it is beneficial if it truly is, and […]

Magic Mushrooms

Is It a Bad Trip? How to Identify and Prepare for a Bad Shroom Trip

Whether you are a beginner or an expert shroomer, you know that the other side of an incredible trip is also an incredibly low or what is called a ‘bad trip.’ A bad trip is defined as an unpleasant experience that happens while you are on a ‘trip,’ a period of intoxication following consumption of […]

Magic Mushrooms

Exploring the Different Magic Mushroom Species

There are as many varied species of magic mushrooms as there are many varied ways to enjoy them. And your enjoyment of your choice shrooms will obviously depend on the species you are trying out. Thus, whether you are keen on upping your shroom game or you just want to find the magic mushroom strains […]


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