Discovering the Magical Fungus Among Us

Discovering the Magical Fungus Among Us

Usually consumed cooked or dried and crushed, many kinds of mushrooms are naturally good fungi dwelling among us for a vital purpose. Commonly called magic mushrooms in Vancouver, British Columbia and in many places of the globe, they are considered medicinal and better alternatives for synthetic medicines. The good thing is that you can drink a powdered mushroom as tea, coffee, or choco depending on what’s better for your taste.

Today, we present more information about the significance of medicinal mushrooms and how they could change your lifestyle for the better. After all, mushrooms have been used for medicinal purposes for centuries now because they are effective.

  • Nutritional Elements
    Due to its natural ingredients, magical mushrooms have high nutritional value. They contain thousands of compounds that can boost your bodily strength. Some of the vitamins and minerals recognized by researchers and vegetarians include vitamin B complex, vitamin C, vitamin D (when exposed to sun), potassium, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, and sodium. The nutrients are obtained through photosynthesis, absorbing from higher plants, breaking down organic matter, or consuming living plants.
  • Known Treatments
    Aside from improving your physical strength through its nutrients, magic mushroom strains in British Columbia are popularly used to alleviate depression and anxiety among cancer patients. They are also proven to be effective in treating addiction to cigarettes and alcohol. After consuming the fungus, the elements could control substance addiction for several weeks. Though the healing power of magic mushrooms is still mysterious for many users, advanced studies are being made to expound the knowledge about this fungus among us.
  • Popular Countries
    Unlike centuries ago, the use of mushrooms today as a medicine is becoming more popular. The countries with large consumers are China, Australia, Japan, Canada, U.S.A., Mexico, and several Eastern and European countries. For many centuries now, China has been using mushrooms in medicinal practices. The same practice was adopted in the United States in the middle of the 20th century. After World War II, Western psychiatry rediscovered psilocybin as a useful treatment for addiction.
  • Fascinating Results
    Despite myths surrounding the effectiveness of magic mushrooms, many studies support the healing power of psilocybe species. Like premium cannabis, nutritional fungus offers positive physical and psychological effects. It has been tested by physicians to be effective for end-stage cancer dealing with mental depression and other health conditions related to anxiety disorders. Moreover, scientists continually conduct various researches to discover its short-term and long-term impacts to users.

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