The magic mushroom is known and valued for their strong psychedelic effect, i.e. they trigger psychedelic experience after use.

Knowing the exact magic mushroom dose is essential to the kind of experience you seek from the magic mushroom. Some mushroom shop customer might need a fun moment experience while others might want something deep.

Before proceeding to the dose required for customer intake, you need to answer this question, “what psychedelic experience do you desire?”.


The varieties of Psilocybe genus vary in strength level/potency. The level of potency is usually influenced by a strain factor, storage, varieties, and growing condition.




Direction: Take every 2-3 days.
Micro-dose: 0.1–0.25g

This level does not give you any trips and it is most effective to boost your level of creativity and reduce tension and anxiety.



Recommended dosage: 0.8g – 1g dried mushrooms.

A little numb and very social

You can feel very relaxed and almost “stoned”. Colours and noises can differ, more spacious and clearer. You will be more socially active, and maybe even a bit philosophic.



Recommended dosage: 1g – 1.5 g dried mushrooms.
Creativity and mild visuals

Everything looks clear and it may seem as if objects are moving somewhat. If you focus on the objects, it could look as if they are made of smooth synthetics. When you close your eyes, you can see a number of patterns. Your short-term memory modifies, as a result of which you quickly exchange ideas. Your natural way of thinking is skipped, due to which you become more creative and come up with new ideas.



Recommended dosage: 1.5g – 3g dried mushrooms.
Stronger visuals, mild hallucinations

Stronger visuals, kaleidoscopic effects, and undulating, warping faces all around you. Mild hallucinations such as running water and trees. Hallucinations with your eyes closed are more obvious and attractive (probably 3D). Some disorientation may occur with regard to what you feel, see and hear. Losing track of time concerning how long you have been tripping.



Recommended dosage: 3g – 4g dried mushrooms.

Note: this dose is recommended for experienced user only.
Intense hallucinations, things around you change their shape. You may sense that objects or hallucinations are talking to you. You can have multiple contradictory emotions at the same time. Time and reality seem useless. Mild synaesthesia and possible out-of-body experience.



Recommended Dosage: from 4g -5g dried mushroom.

Completely letting go of reality

Visually everything is different. Reality and ego have dissolved. Sights and sounds seems to function as one. Time and reality have vanished. You feel as if you merged with the universe and/or objects around you. There is no way of observing. There is no right or wrong and there is no reality. You feel as if you are mixed with space and eternity. We call this Satori, which means awakening or enlightenment.

Microdosing Schedule

Regular microdosing schedule

The dosage will be effective for 8hrs. Microdosing isn’t something you do every day. When microdosing over the span of a weeks or months, most people micro-dose once every 3 days. The first day, you take the dose and feel the full effect of the dosage. The second day, you can still ride the wave and feel some left-over effects. The third day is mostly used for reflecting and experiencing the difference in mood, without the effect. Try evaluating how this type of medication suits you and perhaps create some expectations on how you would like to benefit of the next wave. On the fourth day the cycle starts over again. To make it easy, here’s a image of a regular microdosing schedule:

Important things to note when microdosing:

  • Set your intention
  • Be aware of your mood, thoughts, and approach to conflict and situations, many recommend to keep a journal for each day
  • Never ever microdose everyday. This is a potent substance, your body will build a tolerance, at high doses there is the potential for health risk and you don’t want to normalize such a strong chemical. Also, it won’t work as well.
  • If you microdose for a month, think about taking time off in between cycles, this isn’t your morning coffee.

Remember, this isn’t for everyone. Always be careful and respect the fact that you are using incredibly powerful substances.

Be safe.

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