Factors That Affect Your Cannabis Experience


When it comes to premium cannabis, people have different opinions. Several factors like the type of strain and even personal preferences can affect one’s experience. In addition to that, there are also factors outside of one’s specific preferences that can affect the overall experience. By gaining more understanding about these factors and their effects, you can determine the strain and circumstances that work best for you.

As your reliable source of cannabis and magic mushroom strains in British Columbia, we at Blue Buddha Canada will discuss the factors that affect your cannabis experience:

  • Dosage
    Regardless of the consumption method, the dosage can alter the effects. When smoking, vaping, or consuming edibles, consider the cannabis dose you are getting. Unlike smoking or vaping, edibles are more challenging to dose properly, especially if you prefer homemade treats. Otherwise, store-bought products will generally list the dosage in the packaging.
  • Tolerance
    Your tolerance level depends on how much cannabis you can consume before you start to feel its effects. Each person has a different chemical makeup in their body that affects their tolerance. Other factors like overall health, physical fitness level, and age can also affect tolerance. When trying a new strain, always begin with a smaller dose to observe its effects first.
  • Setting
    Similar to taking magic mushrooms in Vancouver, British Columbia, your environment also plays a role in your cannabis experience. Factors like your mood, environment, and the people you are with can also affect your high. This is the reason why you may have very different experiences even when you take the same strain on two different occasions.

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