Factors That Affect Your Magic Mushrooms Experience

Factors That Affect Your Magic Mushrooms Experience

If you want to give magic mushrooms in Calgary, Alberta a shot, you have probably read about its many health benefits online or heard a lot of different stories from your friends. However, trying magic mushrooms for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience because you might not know what to expect. Given the wide range of experiences people have with magic mushrooms, it comes as no surprise that you may feel a bit hesitant to ingest the substance.

There are several types of magic mushroom strains in Alberta and over two hundred species of psychoactive mushrooms across the globe, which can add to the confusion for first-timers. Although magic shrooms were popularized as a recreational drug in the 60s, they have been around for thousands of years and were used ceremonially in ancient civilizations and nomadic tribes.

However, not all types of psychoactive mushrooms provide easygoing experiences. While some strains may offer a milder trip, other strains can also induce nausea rather than self-reflection and revelation. As Canada’s premier online provider of high-quality magic mushrooms and premium cannabis, we at Blue Buddha Canada will share the different factors that affect your magic mushrooms experience:

  • The type of magic mushroom strain

    Foremost, identifying and selecting the specific strain of magic mushroom will have an effect on your high. Although the most common depiction of magic shrooms is the Amanita muscaria, it actually contains muscimol, a different psychoactive compound found in specific types of mushrooms. By contrast, magic shrooms contain psilocin and psilocybin that blends together synergistically for that unique and mind-blowing psychedelic experience.

  • Your mindset and expectations

    Many first-timers make the mistake of taking magic mushrooms by consuming the substance on the fly, either at an event or by impulse. However, failing to set your intentions and preparing your body both physically and mentally may not guarantee a positive first-time experience.

    Ideally, it’s best to spend days and even weeks preparing for your psychedelic journey. This includes adopting a healthy diet and meditation if you aren’t doing so already. Approaching the experience with respect and clear intentions provides a better chance of experiencing a meaningful journey for your first time.

  • The environment and circumstance

    Another factor that affects your high is the environment and circumstance. If you want to experience a profound and meaningful psychedelic journey during your first time, it’s ideal to surround yourself in a safe and positive environment. This also translates to choosing the best circumstance. While trying magic shrooms at an event may seem enticing, it’s best to reserve your first time at home or someplace safe with a person you trust.

Are you ready to take on your first magic mushroom experience? If so, we offer premium quality magic mushroom strains and concentrates, such as distillate, shatter, and budder. To prepare for your first magic mushrooms trip, browse our site to view our full list of products, including Koh Samui one of our newest product offerings.

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