Growing Your Magic Mushrooms: The Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

Growing Your Magic Mushrooms: The Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

So, you have decided to switch up your premium Cannabis hobby and shroomer status to psychonaut and beyond by growing your very own magic mushrooms. That’s a great endeavor! We offer growing kits here at Blue Buddha Canada, so if you want to get started with that, you know where to find us!

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, which is a rookie mistake when cultivating your magic mushrooms in Vancouver, British Columbia, or wherever you decide to grow yours.

Speaking of mistakes, in today’s blog, we will learn about some of the most common ones you should avoid. Based on our experience as an online dispensary of magic mushroom strains in British Columbia, it is more effective to learn what you should not do first than knowing what you should. Growing your shrooms becomes an easier process once you have these common errors ticked off your list.

Thus, here are the most important don’t’s in cultivating magic mushrooms:

  • Not understanding the sterile workflow

    A sterile environment is perhaps the most important factor to perfect when growing your magic mushrooms, especially since contamination is the number one cause of failure for this.

    You must make sure to be stringent in all aspects–clothing, skin, and even your breath. To avoid contamination via any of these, make sure to wear protective clothing, including a face mask and gloves. All items must be new or freshly washed to ensure that you do not carry with you contaminants.

    Also, make sure to sterilize your tools using flame sterilization and sanitize your work surfaces and equipment before starting. 70% alcohol is a good percentage to start.

    Include your pressure cooker in your sterilization to ensure your substrate is sterilized, too. Depending on your substrate, you may cook it for 15-70 minutes at 15psi. to kill any microorganisms.

  • Not being patient

    We understand the excitement of getting to the results and enjoying the finished product, but without a controlled, methodical approach, you may not end up with a batch after all and would have to start again.

  • Cutting corners

    …because you’re impatient. See where being impatient will lead you?

    You may think that cutting corners will save you time, money, and resources, but that rarely happens. Stick with the tried and tested methods before doing it your way.

    For this reason, make sure to:

    • Not be stingy with sterilization; you need to prioritize your mushroom’s growing conditions, or else you won’t be able to go onto the next step.
    • Not spend on cheaper materials that have the potential to go bust in the long run.
    • Not attempt to optimize your mushroom yield by stretching their mycelium, substrate, and supplement to max its full potential and get the highest yield. You may just end up with subpar mushrooms or batches that yield no mushrooms after all that hard work.

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