How Heavy Metals Affect Cannabis Growth


Premium Cannabis, just like all plants, use many metals as nutrient elements for development, growth, and reproduction. Using root exudates, they can make metal soluble and much easier to absorb — soil microorganisms can play a significant role in absorption as well.

Unfortunately, nonessential metals can be assimilated using the same biological processes, causing some species of plants to exhibit rapid health decline and other species normal growth, despite the toxic loads they carry.

Possibly the most problematic heavy metal for cannabis cultivators is cadmium.

Cadmium has been ranked seventh in the “most dangerous substance by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR).” This substance is very water-soluble and has been an issue several agricultural industries, including the tobacco industry.

Cadmium pollution is caused atmospheric cadmium emissions, sewage sludge, fertilizers, metal production, and disposal of cadmium-containing products such as batteries and is frequently found in soils.

Since providing clean cannabis products for legal markets means passing heavy metal testing, this condition can pose a complicated issue for many cannabis producers and growers.

It’s extremely important for growers, then, to be cautious about their products and ensure that their plants can pass testing and provide clean and safe solutions to consumers.

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