Is It a Bad Trip? How to Identify and Prepare for a Bad Shroom Trip

Is It a Bad Trip? How to Identify and Prepare for a Bad Shroom Trip

Whether you are a beginner or an expert shroomer, you know that the other side of an incredible trip is also an incredibly low or what is called a ‘bad trip.’

A bad trip is defined as an unpleasant experience that happens while you are on a ‘trip,’ a period of intoxication following consumption of a hallucinogen like magic mushrooms.

The unpleasantness can range from being overwhelmed and upset to even deathly frightened. This said, not all unpleasant sensations constitute a bad trip. In fact, occasional unpleasant sensations along with uncomfortable and distressing thoughts and hallucinations are common during a bad trip.

The blurred line between what is apparently still a normal trip versus a legit bad trip is dangerous for obvious reasons—you and whoever you are tripping with may not take the situation seriously which can lead you to harmful situations and injuries, and even cause death. The stakes are even higher when you are a beginner because you lack the necessary experience and knowledge. Not to mention, we are talking about 3 to 8 hours on average for a trip, depending on the dosage. Top this with an altered sense of time and a bad trip can be incredibly distressing.

This said, what makes for a bad trip? And, how do you know you’re experiencing it? More importantly, is it possible to stop one?

As an online dispensary of magic mushrooms in Vancouver, British Columbia ourselves, we at Blue Buddha Canada have listed down ways that can alert you of a bad trip:

  • Time dilation or the experience of time ‘standing still.’
  • Paranoia
  • Interpreting previously positive or neutral facts of life and close and loving relationships to be negative. You may feel that life is hopeless, for instance, or that the world is out to get you.
  • Negative hallucinations such as faces or objects morphing into demons
  • Severely negative emotions and mood swings that may cause sadness to turn to anxiety and then into full-blown panic

Even with all the choice magic mushroom strains in British Columbia, you can never really control how a trip will turn out, much less stop it in its tracks.

But just like other recreational drugs such as premium cannabis, you can prepare for it. Here are several of our suggestions:

  • Remember that your hallucinations and other negative experiences are not real, they are caused by the shroom you have consumed
  • Make sure you are in a safe environment before going on a trip
  • Eat ahead and take care of your physical needs first
  • Don’t do it alone, have a good friend with you who will know what to do and who will not participate in the trip
  • Do not self-medicate

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