Magic Mushrooms: How to Overcome a Negative Experience

Magic Mushrooms: How to Overcome a Negative Experience

They say the mind is a very powerful component of human consciousness as it has unlimited potential. Following this train of thought, introducing psychedelics in the form of magic mushrooms in Calgary, Alberta can unlock your mind’s potential and open the doors to a completely foreign world to you.

Nonetheless, experimenting with different types of magic mushroom strains in Alberta can affect your mind in various ways. Without ample preparation, it can lead to a negative experience that may turn you off from psilocybin mushrooms for good. Although not unheard of, a bad trip can range from feelings of anxiety to full-blown paranoia leading to a psychedelic crisis.

More than that, bad trips can sometimes last for several hours depending on the type of strain used and the dosage applied. Since magic mushrooms contain hallucinogenic properties, it can also alter your sense of time which can make minutes feel like hours, which further worsens the experience. From starting off with a negative mindset to ingesting magic mushrooms in an environment with excessive stimulation, there are many reasons why people experience bad trips.

As a well-established, trusted online shop offering premium cannabis and high-quality magic mushrooms, we at Blue Buddha Canada will share tips on how you can overcome a negative magic mushrooms experience:

  • Preventing a bad trip through preparation

    The best way to experience your psychedelic journey is to lower the chances of a bad trip. You can accomplish this by setting your intentions, choosing an appropriate environment and circumstance, and delving into the experience with a healthy and open mind.

    For beginners, it’s best to ingest magic shrooms in a safe and comfortable environment beginning with small doses. With time, you can increase your dosage and find a balance that fits well with your preferences. It also helps to have a group of friends you trust that you can turn to in case you experience a bad trip.

  • Ways to stop a bad trip from worsening

    At times, you may experience a bad trip despite taking the steps to prepare yourself. In this case, here are tips that may help:

    • Pause and take a breather to help process your feelings and calm your nerves. You can take this one step further by meditating and counting your breaths to better control your breathing and heart rate. This can help you relax and refresh your mind.
    • If you’re ingesting magic mushrooms in the company of a trip sitter or a trusted friend, you can always talk to them to divert your attention and help you relax. Their familiar voice provides you with more security and comfort as they can also guide you through the experience.
    • Go for a walk or ask your trip sitter to drive you to a scenic and semi-secluded location. Traveling to a different place may help you calm down and improve your mind as you distance yourself from a highly stimulating environment.

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