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    NOTE: Package contains 8g pink buffalo mushrooms & 6g red vanilla tea

    If you’ve ever eaten psilocybin mushrooms, you know that they taste awful. It may be hard for some people to even swallow them because their gag reflex kicks in.
    But there is another alternative to chewing up and choking down those nasty tasting little fungi – turning those dried mushrooms into a nice psilocybin tea. It’s quite easy to make and has a few added benefits.

    Ingredients for psilocybin mushroom tea
    There are only two main ingredients to this psilocybin tea
    Optional ingredients you can add for a bit of flavour. This can be your favourite type of tea, some honey, a bit of orange juice, or even a sprinkle of sugar for sweetness.

    Important note: Adding lemon, orange, or citrus to psilocybin mushroom tea adds more than just flavour. These acidic ingredients can begin psilocybin metabolism in your cup, even before the first sip. It can cause a much faster and stronger psilocybin experience. Use caution!


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    Pink Bubba is a mostly indica strain that combines genetics from Pink Kush and Bubba Kush. Perhaps best enjoyed in the evening,  Pink Bubba delivers a heavy dose of physical relaxation that melts away body aches and pains.

    This soothing relaxation is coupled with a tranquil euphoria, that will slowly drift the user towards a state of dreaminess and peace. Pink Bubba possesses effects that slowly creep up on the user, allowing the individual to gently fall into these blissfully relaxing effects. This strain harbours a traditional Kush scent, of earthy and pink aromas with floral highlights that linger on the palette.

    Pink Bubba can be used to treat a wide range of medicinal alignments including depression, anxiety, chronic stress, nausea, chronic pain and inflammation, migraines / headaches, insomnia.

    Indica Dominant Hybrid – 91% Indica / 9% Sativa

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