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We have partnered up with MICRODOSIFY and TRIPPY TEA to get you all your microdosing needs!

  • $60

    10mL/0.34oZ Nasal Spray

    60 sprays

    300mg to 10mL



    Ketamine is a medication primarily used for starting and maintaining anesthesia. It induces dissociative anesthesia, a trance-like state providing pain relief, sedation, and amnesia. The distinguishing features of ketamine anesthesia are preserved breathing and airway reflexes, stimulated heart function with increased blood pressure, and moderate bronchodilation. At lower, sub-anesthetic doses, ketamine is a promising agent for pain and treatment-resistant depression. However, the antidepressant action of a single administration of ketamine wanes with time, and the effects of repeated use have not been sufficiently studied.


    improved focus, concentration, and mindfulness
    improved energy, wakefulness, and stimulation
    cognitive benefits, such as enhanced problem solving
    social benefits
    reduced anxiety
    reduced symptoms, such as stress
    improved mood, optimism, and life appreciation
    improved body functioning
    self-efficacy, including improved ambition, productivity, and motivation

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  • $55

    Keurig meets Trippy Tea in the most epic way. Introducing Trippy Tea for Keurig, a devilish combination of convenience and psychedelics, the world’s first and only Magic mushroom tea available for Keurig machines. Each tube contains two Keurig K cups packed with 2 grams of magic mushrooms in each cup. There are three flavors to choose from including Lemon Ginger Tea, Roobios Chai Herbal Tea, and Earl Grey Black Tea.

    Let the good times roll and be prepared for some outrageous moments, random bouts of uncontrollable laughter, and an overwhelming feeling of joy and happiness!

    Dosage: 4g per tube, 2 Keurig K cups x 2g magic mushrooms

    Trip level:

    Moderate Dose (1 K Cup) – Warped & Kaleidoscopic Visuals, Mild Hallucinations, 3D Closed Eye Visuals, Minor Synesthesia, Distorted Sense of Time, Uncontrollable Laughter, Interconnectedness, Empathy.

    Mega Dose (2 K cups) – Heavy Hallucinations, Ego Dissolution, Mild Disconnect from Reality, Complete Loss of Time, Synesthesia, Out of Body Experiences (Not recommended for Beginners)

    1. Pour 12oz of water into your Keurig device

    2. Close the lid and press start to begin brewing.

    3. The tea will automatically dispense once it’s ready. (3-8 minutes on certain Keurig models with longer steep option)

    4. Add some lemon juice and sugar.

    5. Enjoy Responsibly.

    Don’t have a Keurig, but love the packaging?? Not a problem! Each tube comes with two empty paper teabags. Just crack open the lid, pour the contents into the teabags, and steep for 8 minutes.


    AVAILABILITY: In stock

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