Reasons to Try Lemon Tekking

Reasons to Try Lemon Tekking

Whether you are a full-fledged psychonaut or a newbie shroomer, you will likely have heard about lemon tekking, also known as the party child of magic mushrooms.

Yes, just like how you would use premium Cannabis at parties to elevate the experience, you can use your trusted shrooms to experience the same.

But first, what is lemon tekking? How do you go about making it? Most importantly, why should you try consuming your magic mushroom strains in British Columbia or wherever you get yours this way?

Firstly, lemon tekking is simply the process of letting your psilocybin mushroom dose sit in citric acid before consuming them. The citric acid can be sourced from anything citric; lemon, lime, tomatoes, even coffee!

The results? It makes the come up and subsequently, the comedown of your trip faster, at around 10 to 45 minutes from the usual 30 to 90 minutes, making the experience more intense.

The process works by using citric acid to break down the active component of your psilocybin mushroom, essentially cooking them at least halfway through.

The explanation goes like this: since magic mushrooms are technically harder to chew and digest because of their structure (cretin), you would need to put in more time and effort chewing them.

Adding a citric component to the picture does two things. First, it mimics your stomach’s acidity of 1.5 and 3.5 pH and, secondly, it shortens your digesting process, concentrating your trip and cutting your effort.

To be clear, however, there is still no scientific backing for these claims other than strong anecdotal evidence and support from psychedelic experts due to the obvious hypothesis of how it all works.

In any case, why should you try this way of consuming your next dose of shrooms?

  • To shorten the duration of the trip.
    No one has the time to go on tripping for the whole 8 hours when you have school, a job, and family responsibilities to do. Lemon tekking allows you to take control of the duration of your trip and go at it at your pace.
  • To decrease the queasiness effects and nausea.
    Are the feelings of nausea and queasiness making your tripping experience unpleasant? Lemon trekking can help with this by making it easier on your stomach to take in your choice of magic mushrooms in Vancouver, British Columbia, or elsewhere and leaving it with fewer chances to feel upset.
  • To make your whole psychedelic tripping more intense.
    One thing that most psychonauts, including ours here at Blue Buddha Canada, is that it takes the whole experience to another level by taking off that body load, seeing as the body has less work to do in breaking down all the components, and thus making the trip more comfortable altogether.

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