Some Fancier Ways of Preparing Magic Mushrooms

Some Fancier Ways of Preparing Magic Mushrooms

Want to take your psychedelic trip to another level? No, we are not talking about increasing your dose or suggesting you another type of magic mushrooms in Vancouver, British Columbia. We are referring to trying other ways to enjoy your trip, and so to speak.

If you are tired of the ol’ grinding and swallowing method or making a tea out of it and would like some fancier way of consuming your shrooms, there are other things you can do. Not that there is anything wrong with going the simple route of taking it. You can’t beat the classics, after all.

So, if you want to stick to it, we covered it in our other blog here at Blue Buddha Canada, so you may want to check that out first before reading this. The entry covered the simplest possible ways to consume magic mushroom strains in British Columbia, or wherever you get yours, really, as well as reminders with the particular methods. It is perfect for those who like to take their shrooms hassle-free or for beginners wanting to experiment.

In today’s entry, we talk about the fancier ways of preparing it, what you should consider, how to go about it, and some words of caution.

  • Shroom Smoothie/Juice

    If you want to consume your shrooms in liquid form but do not find making them into tea pleasing, then adding them to smoothies and juices may be for you.

    The important thing to remember in this preparation, like with any other recipe when it comes to magic mushrooms, is to make sure it is processed before putting it in your choice of smoothie or juice, so the extracts where the magical stuff gets released. This may be as simple as crushing them, recommended if you want to retain that texture, or grinding them to almost powder form if you can’t be bothered with the bits and pieces. Add these to your smoothie, blend, and pulse using a blender a couple of times to make sure it mixes well, and enjoy!

    Fun fact: Liquids get absorbed by the body quicker, which may you have experienced the results faster, too.

  • Lemon Tek

    One of the more popular preparation techniques to try if you want to go all-in is lemon tekking. It is the party version of consuming shrooms. Lemon tekking is touted to bring the come up to as little as 10 to 45 minutes instead of the usual 30 to 90 minutes. It is also said to be more intense due to the presence of citric acid from the lemon.

    To make this concoction, all you need to do is to grind your shrooms, put it in a shot glass or whatever short glass you have, let it sit for a couple of minutes, add water, and, like how you would do with any shot glass, down in one go.

  • Mushroom Edibles

    If you are familiar with premium Cannabis being made into edibles—brownies, cookies, and the like—then mushroom edibles would not be foreign to you.

    Simply put, shroom edibles are made by incorporating shrooms into your choice of food. It is a good option for those whose main issue with eating shrooms is the taste or the queasiness that comes with it.

Make sure to avoid adding your shrooms to any cooking stage because excessive heat will break down the active components of the shroom, the very cause of the magic.

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