Talking about Cannabis and Ways to Take Them

Talking about Cannabis and Ways to Take Them

Cannabis contains Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBB) and has been found to have numerous health benefits including improved brain function, pain relief, weight loss, diabetes regulation, anxiety alleviation, and glaucoma treatment, among others. There are different ways a person can take cannabis depending on their preferences and health considerations. Blue Buddha Canada lists them below for you:

  • Smoking
    Smoking is one of the most common methods of taking cannabis. It can either be rolled into a cigarette (joint) or using tobacco rolling papers (blunt), vapes, pipes, and bongs. While this is the most popular way of taking cannabis, one needs to take the health precautions regarding dosages and amounts of substances one smokes.
  • Oral Ingestion
    Mixing premium cannabis with food products like cookies and brownies are also popular. They are now also used in food supplements and tea and are usually taken to address issues like anxiety. Unlike smoking, oral ingestion takes longer to affect a person due to slower absorption in the bloodstream which makes it more difficult to gauge or control the effectiveness of the drug. Thus, a person who is eating or drinking products with cannabis should take them moderately.
  • Cannabis Sprays
    Cannabis sprays are among the newest ways of taking cannabis and are often provided for medical purposes. This involves spraying sublingually or under the tongue to promote easier absorption of THC and CBD to a person’s system. When taking cannabis through this method, a person needs to consider how much Tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol are mixed in the spray solution based on their health goals.
  • Topical Methods
    The cannabis extracts in topical oils are primarily applied to a person’s skin that will be absorbed to address issues like burns, skin irritations, skin aging, soreness, and muscle pains. Since this is mainly used for medicinal purposes, cannabis in this form cannot produce a high. But a person needs to be careful in ingesting or touching certain parts of the body like the eyes, mouth, and nose after application since the chemicals added with the cannabidiol can be harmful when exposed to these areas.

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