The Advantages of Buying Magic Mushrooms Online

 The Advantages of Buying Magic Mushrooms Online

Whether you are a magic mushroom connoisseur or just starting your psychedelic journey and for whatever purpose, know that the safest and most convenient way to do so is by buying online.

This said we know that you may be hesitant to do so, considering that the pandemic has caused massive increases in online purchases, which means a higher chance for your package to be lost to oblivion. Or worse, for your package to look as if they have been through a hockey match.

However, as carriers of varied magic mushroom strains in British Columbia, allow us to give you a trade secret: the key to ensuring good online purchases is a reputable seller.

With a reputable provider like us at Blue Buddha Canada, you can ensure your precious supply of magic mushroom in Vancouver, British Columbia, will come to you in its best possible shape.

With this concern off the table, let us offer you the many benefits of making your magic mushroom purchases over the Internet.

  • Speedy Delivery

    Work can get tough, even when like you, half of the world is doing remote work in their homes right now—you may still even be doing long hours!

    Fortunately, even with a busy schedule, you can get your magic mushrooms delivered right to your doorstep when you purchase them online. You don’t have to traverse far and wide in search of your favorite strains; all you need is to pick it up (virtually!) from various selections and add it to your cart to be shipped to you.

  • Fast Re-Stocking

    If you’ve been going to your local mushroom brick-and-mortar store and finding it almost always depleted, then chances are, they also need their supplies shipped to them, too.

    With online shopping, you can expect that your strain to be on-hand and ready to ship, since they know that customers who order online do so, most of the time, out of convenience. Even if they don’t, the waiting time will be so much shorter.

  • Anonymity and Privacy

    With the many proven medicinal benefits of psilocybin, the chemical responsible for the effects of magic mushrooms, unfortunately, most people aren’t aware of this wonder. Cue: misinformation and stereotypes.

    We are sure you only want to enjoy your shrooms and not deal with unwarranted comments or unpleasant looks.

    So, we do not blame you if you want to preserve your anonymity and privacy as much as possible. And what is more secured than purchasing it online? Virtually nothing.

  • Safety

    Unfortunately, we are in a pandemic, so you don’t really have that many options to buy your shrooms physically. In any case, we suggest you don’t go driving around just to get your stash. Make your life easier and don’t spread the virus by buying online.

Have you added your favorite strains yet? Do not forget to add your supply of premium cannabis, too! Remember, we only aim for the top grades of AAAA and AAAA+ to get you that clear-headed high but with minimal side effects.

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