The Stater’s Guide to the Magic Mushroom Strains

The Stater's Guide to the Magic Mushroom Strains

So, you have decided to finally go on a life-changing, psychedelic journey.

Whether you were a premium cannabis (we offer this, too!) connoisseur before switching to magic mushrooms, Blue Buddha Canada welcomes you aboard!

Secondly, if you are reading this, then you must know that you are among the few responsible ones out there. This is to say, you are already doing a good job researching before trying it out.

In this entry, we will discuss about some of the most common magic mushroom strains, how they look like, and what you can experience to be. Of course, like you, we want to be responsible, so we are teaching you strains we know best, as in the magic mushroom strains in British Columbia we offer in our online dispensary.

Golden Teacher

  • Appearance
    You can easily spot the Golden Teacher with its wide golden caps, thus the name, and its long and robust winding stems.
  • What will the experience be like?
    Because these mushrooms were first used for its shamanistic properties or spiritual effects rather than for ‘tripping’ alone and its ability to ‘teach’ as in discovering your innate qualities, you can expect a feeling of enlightenment and connection to nature due to its mildly high to average high psychedelic effect.

Penis Envy

  • Appearance
    Just like the source of its name, the penis envy is thick and gnarly with a bulbous cap.
  • What will the experience be like?
    At about 1.5 times more potent than normal cubensis strains; the Penis Envy may just be the strongest Psilocybe cubensis so far. It is a cult favorite among experienced psilonauts, the trip being described as a ‘solid ride’ from start to finish and not unlike most cubensis strains since it does not hit in ‘waves.’

Pink Buffalo

  • Appearance
    Don’t be confused by its name, the Pink Buffalo is not pink; in fact, the first characteristics you will notice are their dark brown almost chocolate-brown pins. The ‘pink’ in its name is from the rare, sacred ‘pink’ buffalo where it was reportedly first found.
  • What will the experience be like?
    This strain of our magic mushroom in Vancouver, British Columbia packs a punch.

You can expect a strong head or mind high that starts as smooth as well as some visuals, but the experience will usually be a ‘clean’ high which means that you won’t necessarily experience body loads or uneasiness.

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