What Are the Short-Term Effects of Magic Shrooms?

What Are the Short-Term Effects of Magic Shrooms?

From the name itself, psilocybin mushrooms are a polyphyletic group of fungi that contain psilocybin which is a naturally-occurring hallucinogenic and psychoactive compound. More popularly referred to as magic mushrooms, they are commonly used for their many health benefits as well as for recreational enjoyment.

Due to its hallucinogenic properties, it is a well-known psychedelic that can be used for microdosing. However, magic mushrooms in Calgary, Alberta are rooted in history with several archeological evidence suggesting the use of psilocybin mushrooms from ancient Anatolian cultures.

In today’s modern world, magic mushrooms along with premium cannabis are used for their numerous health benefits. In Canada, several dispensaries offer magic mushrooms on their shelves to sell to individuals with medical prescriptions for medicinal use. This comes as no surprise as magic mushrooms are known to help treat the symptoms of anxiety and depression and aid in cancer-related psychological distress among many others.

For today’s blog, we will discuss the short-term effects of using magic mushrooms:

  • Physical effects
    Although the immediate effects of taking magic mushrooms will depend on the dosage and quality of the strain, its physical effects generally include numbness in the face and muscle weakness. This allows an individual who has taken magic mushrooms to physically relax as they experience its effects. Magic shrooms contain hallucinogenic properties which means the majority of its effects can be felt in the mind as opposed to a physical sense.
  • Mental effects
    Upon taking magic mushrooms, individuals experience hallucinatory effects that depend on the dosage and quality of the strain. Generally speaking, its mental effects can be felt within twenty to ninety minutes after ingestion and can last for up to twelve hours. However, the effect of hallucinogens can be unpredictable as it depends on the person’s mood, environment, personality, and expectations.

Ingestion of magic mushrooms can distort a person’s reality and will usually provide an enjoyable and mentally stimulating experience when taken under the right circumstances. It provides feelings of relaxation and can make certain activities more enjoyable, such as listening to music.

Moreover, the ingestion of magic shrooms can also lead to introspection and a heightened sense of self. This can induce a spiritual experience and aid a person in self-reflection by opening the mind to newer experiences and providing a different perspective on past experiences. Aside from its medicinal benefits, is for this reason that many people from ancient civilizations and today’s modern world use magic mushrooms.

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